The TeleSummit Sales Model

About to Explode in the Beauty Industry


The TeleSummit sales model is making some summit hosts millions every year in sales revenue!  It’s a new twist on a very old type of media…the telephone.  Here’s how it works: A host will create the summit and contact several experts to be interviewed by phone for the summit.  Most summits have from 10 to 24 speakers in a season and the calls are about one hour long each.  Some summits deliver the calls weekly and others every day — it just depends. Each guest is able to promote an offer during the call and on the page that accompanies their call when it airs.

The summit is announced and it’s offered 100% free to attendees.  The audience gets to call-in and listen to all the calls for free!  The revenue model is based on selling the guest offers and the income on sales is usually split 50/50 between the summit host and the guest.

Promotion is done by both the host AND the guests — who both mail to their audiences to promote the shows.

The host goes through all the cost and work of setting up the website and various online pages needed to support the process.  This includes a signup process, email reminders for each call and sales pages for the guests offers.  The host also arranges and acts as interviewer for the calls.  It’s a lot like doing a radio talk show, but the audience calls-in to get the show…and the money is a LOT better.

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